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Milanesa Recipe- Low Carb

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Youtube VIDEO tutorial on how to make torta de milanesa- Low carb option included in video.

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Milanesa Recipe- Low Carb

Recipe by Villa Cocina
5.0 from 1 vote
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Milanesa can be enjoyed as an entree or a torta, which is a Mexican style sandwich. Since being diagnosed with type one diabetes, I’ve been craving it. But, the breadcrumbs are not friendly. So, I took it upon myself to develop a recipe that would come as close as possible to a regular milanesa. Everything about this recipe screams delicious! its crispy, flavorful and juicy. You will not regret it.



  • Prep the meat: Have the butcher cut the meat into a quarter of an inch thick slices. Or, you can slice it yourself. Cut each long slice in half if too large. Place a piece of plastic wrap over the slices and tenderize them with the flat side of a meat mallet. Remove the plastic. Then, season both sides with salt and pepper. Transfer onto a plate and set aside momentarily. 
  • Breading station prep : You will need two shallow large dishes. Beat the eggs until well combined in the first one. In the second one, whisk together the protein powder, spices, and cheese until evenly distributed. 
  • Milanesa: Take a piece of meat, and coat both sides in the seasoned powder. Then, coat it in the eggs. Finally, do a second coat of seasoned powder. Press to make sure it sticks. When all sides are breaded, transfer onto a parchment paper lined sheet-pan. Continue making the rest. But, do try to fry as soon as possible. 
  • Frying: in a large pan or pot, heat one and a half inches of oil, ideal for frying. Carefully add in the breaded meat and try not to overcrowd the pot.  Once the bottom turn a golden brown color, flip so the other side does the same. When fully cooked, crispy and golden brown, transfer onto a rack to drain off the excess oil. Continue frying the rest.
  • Enjoy as en entree or make into a torta de Milanesa. 

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