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Hola and welcome! My name is Rossana Figueroa. My husband, Nelson, and I have been married for over seven years and started this cooking blog adventure together. We hope our recipes and stories inspire your creativity in the kitchen.

Mexican Food is my heritage!

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Plated tamale casserole

Tamale Casserole

Tamales are a classic of Mexican cuisine. Not only are they delicious, but a recipe that brings family together. If you love tamales; then, you are sure to love this tamale casserole. This “tamal de cazuela” looks like a perfectly layered cake with bold flavors that contain a WOW factor. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to fall in love with this recipe. ENJOY!

Garlic mashed potatoes

Garlic mashed potatoes

This roasted garlic mashed potatoes recipe is destined to be a crowd pleaser. Its mellow garlic flavor pairs beautifully with the herbal tones from the thyme and sage. It’s smooth, fluffy and with a delicate buttery texture thats to love.

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