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Authentic Mexican Red Salsa Recipe

This authentic Mexican Red Salsa recipe is the perfect condiment for tacos, carne Asada, and many other Mexican dishes. It is characterized for its vibrant color and burst of flavors. In fact, it would be fair to say salsa is a great complement to any dish. Likewise, the heat from the peppers adds a thrilling sensation, leaving you wanting more. It’s the perfect recipe for any occasion.

Salsa in a Molcajete

You may be surprised to find out, but everything tastes better in a molcajete because of all the natural oils released when the ingredients are crushed. As a result, a homemade salsa holds great value in the heart of people who love Mexican cuisine. Using a molcajete to make salsa is a traditional Mexican technique that adds an element of cultural authenticity. It’s a process that makes it a more ancestral and delicious addition to your meal.

Mexican red salsa updated video

authentic salsa recipe video

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Mexican cuisine traditions

My mother didn’t own a blender for a long time and she used a molcajete to make all her dishes. I remember the aromas released into the back patio, where she made our meals on a chimney made from clay. Believe me, it cannot get more authentic than this. If you feel inspired to purchase your own, congratulations! you’re going to enjoy the amazing flavors of homemade authentic Mexican red salsa. Just make sure you cure it before using it.

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roasted tomatoes and peppers in a bowl for an Authentic Red Salsa recipe

Peppers an Authentic Red Salsa

First of all, charring the ingredients for this recipe will allow us to take advantage of the developed smoky flavors. Whether you prefer the grassy tones from the jalapeños, Or the vibrant heat from the serranos; there’s a pepper to perfectly adjust to your heat tolerance. Even though these are spicy peppers, they have a unique and distinctive flavor to offer; thereby, allowing you to customize the flavor profile and the end result.

Authentic Mexican Red Salsa Recipe

Recipe by Villa Cocina
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This authentic Mexican red salsa recipe is everyone’s dream. Vibrant and bursting with flavors, homemade authentic Mexican red salsa is a condiment that brings life to any dish. And then, the heat from the peppers adds a thrilling sensation, leaving you wanting more. it’s the perfect recipe for any occasion.


  • 1 lb tomatoes, ripe 

  • 1 ea serrano peppers 

  • 1/4 ea medium white onion

  • 1 ea garlic cloves, unpeeled

  • 1 ea small garlic cloves, peeled

  • Salt to taste

  • Toppings
  • 1/4 medium white onion, diced 

  • 1/2 (small) bunch of cilantro, chopped 


  • PREP: remove the stem area (core) from the tomatoes. Slice the white onion but keep the root area, so the layers stay together.
  • Place a comal over medium heat. Once hot roast the tomatoes, pepper, onion, and unpeeled garlic until charred and blackened on all sides. Some of the ingredients will be ready sooner than others. Remove when roasted and completely cooked through. 
  • Molcajete: Peel the roasted garlic and place in the molcajete with the raw garlic clove and a pinch of salt. With the pestle, grind everything into a smooth paste. Next, cut off the root area from the onion and grind away until broken down. You know the deal! Mash the pepper and then, the tomatoes. When the salsa looks smooth but still chunky, season with salt to taste and mix it in with a spoon. 
  • Finally, mix in the fresh onion and cilantro. ENJOY with tacos, as an appetizer or side to any dish. 

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