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The Best Carne Asada Recipe

Recipe by Villa Cocina
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Learning how to make carne asada is super easy. This recipe has all the elements needed to become one of your favorites (along with my other carne asada recipes.) The moment you taste it, you will want to plan more cookouts so you can enjoy a great 0time/meal with friends and family.

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  • Seasoning for the meat: In a bowl add in the smoked paprika, ground ancho pepper, ground onion, ground garlic, ground cumin, Mexican oregano (See notes below), ground black pepper and salt to taste. Whisk to combine. 
  • Prep the meat: Add the seasoning mix to the meat and evenly coat the meat in it. Transfer the meat into zip lock bags and place in the fridge to marinade overnight. 
  • The next day (or 6-8 hrs later) fire up the grill to about 450 F degrees. Lay the meat directly on the hot grill. Cook both sides of the meat until the desired doness is reached. For a medium doness , you are looking for an internal temperature of 145F degrees, about 3-4 min per side (see notes below.)
  • When the meat is ready, remove from the grill and allow it to rest for about 15 minutes before cutting into it. Serve as an entree paired with; Mexican rice, beans, cactus salad, salsa, grilled onions, the options are endless. Or, dice the meat and make tacos! Enjoy. 

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  • Mexican Oregano: break the leafs first by carefully rubbing in between your hands and release them into the bowl. 
  • Internal temperature for doness (Beef)
  • Rare 125ºF
  • Medium rare 135ºF
  • Medium 145ºF : 3-4 min per side (My preference)
  • Medium well 150ºF
  • Well done 160ºF
  • When ready to serve, slice the meat against the grain for a tender piece.
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