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Flour tortillas recipe with butter

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This Flour Tortillas Recipe with Butter are a great alternative to the more traditional ones made with lard or shortening. It is a very popular homemade alternative and the end result is the best soft flour tortillas one can make.

Flour Tortillas Recipe with Butter

Making a flour tortillas recipe with Butter is easier than it may seem. It involves a process that requires some patience and perseverance, yes, but it is doable. The moment a tortilla puffs makes the whole journey worth taking on. on the other hand, if a tortilla does not puff, it is not an indication that it should be discarded as long as it is fully cooked.

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Flour tortillas with butter are thin, soft, and delicious! They are typically made with lard or shortening but adding butter makes for a super soft buttery flour tortilla experience. The craft of making tortillas dates back to Mesoamerican times and till this day remains a classic of Mexican cuisine. Talk about leaving a mark!

What are flour tortillas used for in Mexican cuisine?

There are many ways to use flour tortillas. They can be used in tacos, and though it is down to preference, it would work well. More options include: wrapping burritos, as well as to make quesadillas. They can also be used to make buñuelos or simply as a side to other dishes.

Avoid this

  • Leaving the dough too dry: at first the dough will feel sticky but as you continue to knead for about 8-10 minutes, it will come together beautifully.
  • Dusting too much flour: to prevent drying out the dough, lightly dust the working area and ball of dough with flour. Just use what’s needed, don’t be too generous.
  • Warm/cold comal (cooking surface): for the tortilla to puff, it is crucial the comal or cooking surface has been preheat and it’s HOT. It should be as hot as possible where the tortilla puffs but does not burn before cooking through. If the tortilla burns before cooked; then, it’s too hot.
    • Temperature on electric stove: medium-high to high
    • Temperature on gas stove: medium to medium-high
  • Using your hands to flip the tortilla: If you are not experienced or this is your first time making this recipe, flipping the tortillas by hand is not a good idea. Feel free to use a spatula to prevent burning your self and be cautious.
  • Do not pop the puff
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Vanessa:  "my grandma used to say that if that tortilla puffs it's because estas cocinado con amor(you are cooking them with love)."

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asabovesobelow0:  "I heard if your tortillas have bubbles you need new shoes" 
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PlasmaStorm:  "these look better than the ones I make. YUM! Happy new year!"

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Important tips for homemade Flour tortillas

I always say, practice makes perfect. This recipe has only a few ingredients but the process to making them right can take a few tries to master. Specially the Tortilla puff. Here are my tips for a successful flour tortillas with butter recipe! work on these and you will achieve beautiful tortillas in no time.

A Flour Tortilla with a puff

Resting the dough is super important because it will allow the gluten to relax. If you fail to do this step, the tortillas will shrink as you try to roll them out.

Thin tortillas always give me the best results. I know it’s a matter of preference but I have achieved great results by making sure they are thin enough.

Resting the already rolled tortillas is a plus. That’s why I roll them first and then cook them starting with the first rolled. This allows them to rest for a few minutes (15-20 minutes.)They always turn supper puffy!

I cannot stress this step enough, the comal has to be hot. Using a gas stove is a better option because it gives a more consistent/even flame. I currently own an electric stove but had the hardest time because the burner would turn off and on by itself. As a result, the comal cools down and the tortilla looses momentum. This is why I brought out my small portable gas burner and it worked wonders! The comal remained hot and I obtained the results wanted, a beautiful puff, and delicious soft Homemade flour tortillas.

Flour tortillas with butter

Recipe by Villa Cocina
4.7 from 25 votes
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Soft, buttery homemade flour tortillas are without a doubt unbeatable. From the kneading process to watching them puff as they cook, they do not disappoint. Once you master the process, I assure you will be making these on repeat! store bought do not compare to homemade flour tortillas, not even close.



  • In a large bowl mix the flour, baking powder and salt until well combined. 
  • Next, pour in the melted butter and warm water. Knead until a mass forms. At this point the dough should feel slightly sticky but try to avoid adding additional flour. Continue kneading for about 8-10 minutes on a non-stick flat surface until the dough is nice and smooth. 
  • Form into a tight ball, then divide into 3 oz tight balls for large tortillas. Rub softened unsalted butter in between your hands and rub each portions of dough to prevent them from drying out. Cover with plastic wrap and let them rest for 30 minutes. 
  • Preheat a comal over medium to medium high heat. 
  • After 30 minutes, lightly dust a clean flat surface with flour. Using a rolling pin, stretch each ball of dough into 10 inch rounds. Dust flour as needed but avoid adding too much at a time to prevent the tortillas from drying out. As you finish rolling each round, lay them aside. To prevent them from sticking to the surface, you can lightly dust it with flour but if  not necessary, even better! 
  • All the tortillas are rolled. To cook them, lay the tortilla on the hot comal. During the next 15-20 seconds hot air bubbles will begin to rise and some light golden brown spotting will develop. Flip and wait for the tortilla to continue puffing, about 15-20 seconds. This side will develop more obvious golden brown spots. Flip and allow it to reach its final puff as it fully cooks, about 10 seconds. Transfer onto a clean kitchen towel. Keep them nice and wrapped. Following the same steps continue making the rest of the tortillas. ENJOY!

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  • Enjoying a flour tortilla with a cup of atole is pretty common in Mexico. It also becomes yet another way to enjoy them.
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