Mole tamales

Easiest way to wrap a tamal

Step one:

Place a corn husk on the palm of your hand or flat surface, the wider end at the bottom. Use the smooth side of the husk. Rub your hands with oil; if needed, to prevent the masa from sticking to them.

Step two:

Grab some of the dough, form into a ball, then flatten into a disk. Place on the center of the tamal.

Step three:

  1. Spread the masa dough in all directions.

Step four:

When spreading across and bottom stop before you reach the end of the husk. When spreading towards the narrow top, stop a little over midway. 

Step five:

Add a generous amount of the filling, I like to add a lot. Just make sure you can close it. 

Step six:

Fold one end over to the opposite side and gently press to secure.

Step seven:

Peel the husk away.

Step eight:

Now, fold over the opposite side, press lightly.

Step nine:

Tuck the husk and roll to wrap the tamal. 

Step ten:

Feel where the masa ends at the top of the tamal and fold downward.

Step eleven:

Pinch the bottom to enclose, and there you have it. Following the same steps, assemble the remainder. 

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Recipes below…

Plated tamale casserole

Tamale Casserole

Tamales are a classic of Mexican cuisine. Not only are they delicious, but a recipe that brings family together. If you love tamales; then, you are sure to love this tamale casserole. This “tamal de cazuela” looks like a perfectly layered cake with bold flavors that contain a WOW factor. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to fall in love with this recipe. ENJOY!

Garlic mashed potatoes

Garlic mashed potatoes

This roasted garlic mashed potatoes recipe is destined to be a crowd pleaser. Its mellow garlic flavor pairs beautifully with the herbal tones from the thyme and sage. It’s smooth, fluffy and with a delicate buttery texture thats to love.

Menudo Mexican Soup

Menudo Rojo (Red)

This authentic Mexican menudo recipe screams “viva Mexico” in every flavor and component that make up such a delicious dish! It is a very popular soup, made in many regions in Mexico. Even though there is different versions of the dish, the main ingredients remain the same, cow feet and tripe. Without a doubt this is a very unique and delicious recipe. Spongy, flavorful, soft, delicious! Ready to be served at the table.

Plated Mole tamal

Mole tamales recipe

Mole is one of the top dishes made in Mexico together with tamales! Today we are combining, the rich and savory  flavors of mole with the subtle sweet corn flavor from a smooth, buttery tamal. We are making Tamales filled with mole, two traditional dishes in ONE, how amazing!

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