Mole tamales

Easiest way to wrap a tamal

Step one:

Place a corn husk on the palm of your hand or flat surface, the wider end at the bottom. Use the smooth side of the husk. Rub your hands with oil; if needed, to prevent the masa from sticking to them.

Step two:

Grab some of the dough, form into a ball, then flatten into a disk. Place on the center of the tamal.

Step three:

  1. Spread the masa dough in all directions.

Step four:

When spreading across and bottom stop before you reach the end of the husk. When spreading towards the narrow top, stop a little over midway. 

Step five:

Add a generous amount of the filling, I like to add a lot. Just make sure you can close it. 

Step six:

Fold one end over to the opposite side and gently press to secure.

Step seven:

Peel the husk away.

Step eight:

Now, fold over the opposite side, press lightly.

Step nine:

Tuck the husk and roll to wrap the tamal. 

Step ten:

Feel where the masa ends at the top of the tamal and fold downward.

Step eleven:

Pinch the bottom to enclose, and there you have it. Following the same steps, assemble the remainder. 

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