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Garlic mashed potatoes

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Roasted garlic mashed potatoes recipe – YouTube channel VIDEO

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Garlic mashed potatoes

5.0 from 2 votes
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This roasted garlic mashed potatoes recipe is destined to be a crowd pleaser. Its mellow garlic flavor pairs beautifully with the herbal tones from the thyme and sage. It’s smooth, fluffy and with a delicate buttery texture thats to love. Trust me, these will become your new favorite. 

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  • Roasted Garlic olive oil – Garlic Confit 
  • 1 cup olive oil 

  • 10 peeled garlic cloves, medium- large 

  • Cook the potatoes
  • 4 lbs Yukon gold potatoes

  • Water, cold 

  • Salt generously 

  • Infused milk 
  • 1 1/2 cup whole milk 

  • 4 TBSP butter, unsalted

  • 1 sprig sage, fresh 

  • 3 sprigs thyme, fresh

  • Final touch 
  • 1/4 cup sour cream 

  • 4 TBSP garlic oil (we made earlier)

  • To taste (2 tsp, kosher salt)

  • To taste, ground black pepper

  • Garnish 
  • Chives, chopped 

  • Garlic oil and melted butter 


  • Roasted garlic : In a sauce pan roast the garlic and oil over medium low – low heat until golden brown and tender. When done, turn off the heat, remove the garlic and set the oil aside until needed (note #1.)
  • Cook the potatoes : Cut the potatoes into medium size pieces, as uniform as possible so they cook evenly. Special note: I like to leave the skin on because of the fiber content which I have to include in my diet but you can peel the skin off, if you like.
  • Transfer them into a large pot, add a generous amount of salt and cover them with water. Bring them to a boil over medium high heat. Then, lower to medium-low so they cook on a gentle simmer for about 15 minutes or until fork tender. 
  • Prepare the infused milk : Heat the milk, butter and herbs over medium-low heat until the butter melts. Keep it warm on low heat until needed. 
  • When the potatoes are ready, strain and carefully remove the skin (see note # 2.) Pass the skinless potatoes and roasted garlic through a potato riser and into a large bowl. 
  • Chop the skin into smaller pieces and transfer into the large bowl (see note # 3.)
  • Final touch : Strain the warm milk into the potatoes. Also add the sour cream, 4 TBSP of garlic oil, salt and black pepper. Combine with a spatula until smooth(see note # 4.)
  • To serve: with a spoon make a channel starting from the bottom all the way to the top. Drizzle more of the garlic oil or melted butter. Sprinkle chopped chives and enjoy!!!


  • Note # 1 : Roasted garlic oil: you are going to have some left over oil. Safely store it to make other dishes. 
  • Note # 2 : Use a potato riser for the fluffiest end result, extra smooth, and lump free. Removing the skin from the potatoes will allow them to pass freely. Having said that, you can use a potato masher or mixer to get the job done as well.  
  • Note # 3 : Chopping the skin into smaller pieces will allow them to distribute evenly, so we get a piece with every bite. 
  • Note # 4 : add more milk, oil, or sour cream to thin out the mashed potatoes, if needed.
  • *** Yukon potatoes are great for this side dish because of their rich texture and light creaminess ***
  • Other potatoes you can use: Russet and Red new potatoes.

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